2014 – Beaver Scout Sleepover

The Mediocre Magicians performed for over 40 Beavers and leaders at their annual sleepover.  Not only was there a magical performance, the Mediocre Magicians also gave away magic wands to the participants and taught them a magic trick.


“We have had ‘rave’ reviews following the Sleep-over! At a Scouting Ceremony last night, I was approached by a number of families saying what a great time their child had at the Magic Show.” – A Scout Leader

Our customers speak about the Mediocrity

"And it isn’t just about the tricks you performed, but also about the humour in your delivery. You both did great, and we all very much enjoyed it."

"What a show!! Hugely entertaining and so well done. My cheeks still hurt from laughing. What a great time!!"

"That was SO MUCH FUN!! Great job guys. I haven't laughed and "ooo'd" that much in a very long time!!"

"Vraiment impressionnant!!!! Thanks for the great evening!!!!"

"WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!! Nothing mediocre about it!!! "