2013 – Kid’s Parties

Being fathers themselves, the Mediocre Magicians know a thing or two about performing in front of children.  They performed at multiple birthday parties and classroom events throughout the year.  They have a great repertoire of clean, fun, kids magic that is sure to entertain from 2 to 82*.



*Note: the Mediocre Magicians have performed for people older than 82, but we are not sure if they were entertained or just amused.

Our customers speak about the Mediocrity

"And it isn’t just about the tricks you performed, but also about the humour in your delivery. You both did great, and we all very much enjoyed it."

"What a show!! Hugely entertaining and so well done. My cheeks still hurt from laughing. What a great time!!"

"That was SO MUCH FUN!! Great job guys. I haven't laughed and "ooo'd" that much in a very long time!!"

"Vraiment impressionnant!!!! Thanks for the great evening!!!!"

"WHAT AN AMAZING SHOW!!! Nothing mediocre about it!!! "